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Every moment is a chance to start. Start something new, start living healthier, start transforming your life. And now you can do all three with SEVEN by Profile.  A low-commitment, seven-day trial that includes Profile food, delicious recipes and daily tips and challenges. Backed by science and created by our team of nutritionists, it includes everything you need to try the Profile program and jumpstart healthy lifestyle change. Start with SEVEN, and see what your next moments will bring.


Your SEVEN by Profile kit includes:

  • 7-day meal plan and shopping list
  • 14 recipes
  • 7 daily emails with tips for success
  • 2 Boxes Profile Variety 15g Shakes
  • 1 box Profile Hot Entrée Variety
  • 1 box Profile 15g Bars
  • 1 box Profile 10g Bars
  • 1 box Profile Mixed Fruit Fiber Drink
  • 1 box Profile Raspberry Lemonade H2Energy
  • 1 package Profile Pizza Crust
  • Profile Blender Bottle
  • Profile Journey Book
  • Profile Favorites Cookbook


Do not use SEVEN if you:

- are under the age of 18;

- are pregnant or nursing;

- are underweight (<18.5 BMI);

- have been diagnosed with a medical condition including, without limitation, type 1 diabetes, cancer, kidney disease, liver disease, or heart disease;

- have been diagnosed with or treated for an eating disorder in the last 6 months;

- are on a strenuous or vigorous workout plan; or

- are allergic to milk, eggs, fish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat or soy.


This is not an exhaustive list of all the risks.  If you are not clear about the above, talk to your doctor, dietician, or other health care practitioner.


I have read and understand the above, I assume the risk of using SEVEN, and I would like to proceed with my purchase.*

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